How to Use Breville Espresso Machine ( Proven Tips)

How to Use Breville Espresso Machine (Proven Tips)

If you are home coffee enthusiastic, then you must be familiar with Breville. It is one of the leading Australian brands known for small home appliances. Breville grinds your bean to give a rich and fresh flavor to you. But how to use the Breville Espresso Machine? 

Well! These Breville coffee makers have many options for beginner, intermediate, and advanced coffee enthusiasts. You can choose according to your needs. Just focus on the specific feature and get your first shot of Espresso at home. 

The Breville supplies espresso equipment, from which Breville Barista Express is top of the list; all the Breville machines share the same functions. This article focuses on the specific features and essential tips for Barista Express. 

How to Use the Breville Espresso Machine

After getting out of bed, a strong cup of coffee is enough to start your day energetically. For this purpose, a Breville espresso machine is the best way to make an espresso at home to enjoy your favorite latte at your breakfast nook.  

With the help of a Breville espresso machine, you can have a steaming hot cup in minutes. But it requires skill, practice, and the right equipment. Let’s discuss each step in detail


  • Breville Espresso Machine


  • Coffee Beans
  • Filtered Water


This easy and step-by-step guide helps you use the Breville Espresso machine.

  1. Read the instructions

The first and foremost step is carefully reading the instructions inside the box. It helps you to put together your Breville Espresso machine. It also guides you in cleaning, installing the water filter, and flushing the lines. 

  1. Quick Check of Water level 

Before operating your machine, check the water level every time. This machine does not warn you about low water levels. So if you operate the machine with no or low water, it causes serious damage and, in severe cases, gets fired. 

  1. Preheat the Breville Machine

Turn on the machine and let it warm for 10-15 minutes. A machine typically takes up to 30 seconds to light up all six buttons. But to get enriched coffee, you need to preheat it for a while, as the cold machine may affect the flavor. You can also place a coffee mug on the machine that keeps your coffee warm. 

  1. Add your favorite Coffee Beans.

It’s time to add your beans to the machine. Always use high-quality whole beans instead of ground beans, as ground beans disturb your desired flavor. Try to use roasted whole beans because you get the best flavor from roasted beans. 

  1. Set the Amount and Size of the Grind

Now set the amount and size of the grind. This is the tricky part and requires practice to master it. As recommended by Breville, set the size to 5. Set the grind right in the middle as it shows three o’clock to get the perfect amount.

  1. Weigh the Portafilter

Before weighing, completely dry the portafilter and make sure it is zero. After that, you can use the following amount according to your desire.

  • For a single shot of espresso, use 8-10 grams of coffee.
  • For a double shot of espresso, use 15-18 grams of coffee.
  1. Grind your coffee

Put your pot filler in the grind outlet and select your option by pressing the filter size button. After selecting, quickly push the port filter and then release. Check the amount of coffee you got. You can add or remove the ground coffee according to your needed amount. 

  1. Tamp the Coffee

Now it’s time to tamp your coffee to extract what you want. Always focus while applying tamping pressure. As too high or too low pressure can affect the extraction. After tamping, remove the extract from the sides of the port filter so that it closes tightly. 

  1. Add Hot Water in Mug

Before placing the portafilter, extract one cup of warm water into a coffee mug. This helps to neutralise the temperature of the espresso machine and the mug because a slight change in temperature affects the outcomes. 

  1. Extract the Espresso Shot

Last but not least, insert the portafilter in Group Head and make it locked. Press the 1-cup button for a single shot and two cups for a double shot. Observe the red pressure needle; when it turns grey, your espresso is ready. Enjoy

To enjoy Cappuccino or latte with your freshly extracted espresso, steam and froth the milk. 

Preliminaries Tips Before Using Breville Espresso Machine:

All the Breville machines have the same functionality and share standard features, so before putting your beans into the machine, get familiar with the machine first. Below are the important points to keep in mind.

  • All the espresso machines are user manual, so it’s easy to use at home.
  • Before getting your hands dirty, wash all the accessible and removable parts of the machine. Although it is not dirty, cleaning the parts is safe. 
  • Once the machine is clean, install the water filter and run water through the lines to clean them thoroughly.
  • Always check the water level before operating the machine because running the machine without water causes permanent damage. 
  • Always preheat the machine for at least 15 minutes; this helps to extract the coffee properly. 
  • The espresso machine has a built-in grinder, so if you want to enjoy a fresh taste, you prefer to use ground beans.  
  • You can also place a cup on the tray while the machine preheats. This helps to keep your coffee warm for a long time. 


A Breville Espresso Machine takes your coffee obsession from the cafe into your home. For this purpose, get familiar with the machine first, then use the right amount and size of freshly roasted whole beans in a preheated machine. Always focus on the weight and tamping of the portafilter if you want to enjoy a highly enriched coffee. 

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