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why are espresso machines so expensive

Top 5 Reasons Why Espresso Machines are so Expensive 

Undoubtedly, espresso machines are one of the most expensive kitchen appliances. On a rough estimation, they will cost you around $1k depending on the different brands, quality and sizes. Are you also planning to have it, but you might be confused about why espresso machines are so expensive and what makes them so costly? Right! Of course, yes, that’s why you are there.

So, let’s discuss all those reasons that make them costly, but before jumping in, you need to consider that there are two types of espresso machines; commercial and domestic. As both are expensive but commercial ones have more features in them, and of course, both are built in different ways, so the pricing must be different.

Why are Espresso Machines So Expensive?

Different factors contribute to the cost, and I can’t say any of that’s why they are expensive. So, let’s find out together what those factors are.

  1. Manufacturing cost
  2. Maintaining cost
  3. Low demand
  4. Brands and features
  5. Research and certifications

1- Manufacturing cost:

The number one reason that makes espresso machines expensive is their manufacturing cost. They are built to withstand heat cycles, which has increased their cost drastically.

With that, the dual boiler machines are complicated from the inside, making them difficult to build. The ultimate cost of manufacturing would increase.

Not only this, their design and testing are so expensive that it has killed some startups.

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2- Maintaining cost

Once the espresso machines get sold, it doesn’t mean that it’s all done, and they don’t have to do anything further. The reality is that they provide a 10 years warranty and if any of the sold machines get infected they have to repair it.

Due to warranty and maintenance reasons the cost has been increased vastly; after all, there must be warehouses to keep their repairing parts.

So, in short, the espresso machine is just like cars that need maintenance and replacement of parts from time to time. To handle all these costs, they need an extensive workforce from manufacturing to selling.

3- Low demand

Espresso machines are expensive, but they are also not in demand because most people don’t prefer to use high-end machines. They would love to use more convenient and accessible sources to get espresso shots, just like mocha pot or AeroPress. These resources can’t get the same taste of espresso shot as they would get through a gadget, some still prefer to use them or to drink from a coffee shop.

Suppose a manufacturer sells out a few hundred machines yearly, so their maintenance and repair costs would increase automatically.

4- Brands and features

Another critical factor in which espresso machines are getting too expensive is their brand reputation. It means you are not spending money on just an espresso machine, you are also paying for their aesthetic looks and different features.

Compared to other coffee makers, espressos have precise grind settings to adjust the machine running as per your choice. With that, the latest use of sound optimisation technology and effectively handling sudden voltage changes are essential features. Such wires are being used in it, making them easier to use in high temperatures.

So, having a wide range of features with a brand identity would increase the cost.

5- Research and certifications

While making a machine, it doesn’t mean that it will get ready to use at once. There are hundreds of other research and testing procedures through which they have to pass. Most of the time, they just get rejected because they are made at high temperatures so maintaining quality is always a priority.

Different testing phases of boiler and UL, NSF certification require money to get certified, causing it to increase its cost immensely. So, to keep these certifications’ names with them and to keep selling, they have to pay for them.

It is said that an average of 10 machines got destroyed while taking certificates from UL because of their strict quality policies. So, a price increase is fair enough.

Final Thoughts on Why are Espresso Machines So Expensive:

Though espresso machines are expensive, different features make it justifiable. 

Purchasing an espresso maker would be worth it. If you are a coffee enthusiast and don’t want to compromise on taste and hygiene.

In general, the whole cost revolves around the different levels of engineering and durability. With that, the longer lifespan will make this cost investment for you, and you will not regret it.

So, it doesn’t matter which brand or appliance you use; your espresso maker will have a lightweight and manageable wait. Do write in the comment section which one you are using and how much it costs.

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