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How to Make a Mocha with Espresso Machine at Home | Complete Guide & Recipe

One of the most popular espresso beverages is the Mocha, which may be because it tastes like chocolate pudding. Espresso and steamed milk are combined to make a mocha or mocha latte, which is then sweetened with chocolate syrup. Don’t worry about how to make a mocha with an espresso machine. You can prepare a mocha of barista caliber in the convenience of your own home. Let’s get going!

The mocha or cafe mocha is chocolate-infused coffee that has become a mainstay on coffee menus worldwide. One must distinguish Mocha from the Mocha coffee beans from Yemen. Because coffee imported from the Yemen area was considered to have a rich, chocolaty flavor. The term “mocha” denotes the addition of chocolate to an espresso hybrid.

You can create a mocha quickly and adequately. With steamed Milk, it’s prepared similarly to a latte or a cappuccino. Some recipes call for hot chocolate mix and coffee, which is an effective shortcut. So, we have explained an easier one to create Mocha tastier. You can prepare a mocha latte just like in a coffee shop without whipped cream or hot chocolate mix. Let’s start the chocolate infusion.

How to Make a Mocha with Espresso Machine: Begin by making espresso

Starbucks culture leads the Mocha to popularity. So, Mocha is now a staple among people who consume coffee daily. There are thousands of variations in the recipes. Such as, you can adjust the number of espresso shots and the amount of steamed Milk and chocolate syrup used to make this beverage. 

Like a cappuccino, the Mocha has frothed Milk on top that is frequently, though not always, topped with whipped cream.

The espresso is a mocha’s first ingredient. Since mochas can be more creative, technically, you could use strong coffee in this beverage. However, espresso is the purest version of this coffee beverage! 

Seems difficult! No worries. Here’s the most straightforward answer to your food catechism: How to make a mocha with espresso machine. What you’ll need to make it is as follows:

Roasted Espresso Coffee Beans: 

Espresso roast coffee has a very dark roast and the perfect espresso taste. When you create it, make sure it is ground finely.

A Manual Espresso Maker or An Espresso Machine: 

There are several ways to make espresso at home. It is the best to use an Aeropress or espresso machine. 

Do you need something a little more affordable? You can try out a portable manual espresso maker. There is also French Press espresso that you can try.

Steam Milk for Mocha:

Milk is the other key component of this espresso beverage. However, any milk won’t do. What to know about the ideal Milk for a mocha is as follows:

  • The most crucial thing is to use fresh Milk. Milk brought about 2-3 days does not foam as nicely as fresh Milk.
  • What Milk is ideal for a mocha? Whole Milk. Because it contains the most milk fat, it froths the best. Also acceptable is 2% milk. Although it works reasonably well, some of the richness is lost.
  • Desire a vegan mocha? Best to use oat milk. The finest dairy milk for frothing is oat milk, which tastes fantastic.

Variants of Mocha

You can prepare Mocha in various ways, both hot and cold! Once you’ve tried the norm, consider these additional options:

1-You can choose from a Mocha cappuccino with chocolate syrup.

2- You can prepare a cool Mocha Frappe in a blender.

3- You can pick up an icy Iced Mocha or Iced White Chocolate Mocha or dark chocolate Mocha.

What is the best way to steam milk for a mocha with an espresso machine?

If you have one, you can use your espresso maker to scald the Milk for a mocha. Steamed Milk is what gives Mocha lattes their latte flavor. Froth milk is also sometimes used for Mocha. So, You are wondering now what’s the difference between Froth milk and steamed Milk.

But unlike with our Perfect Latte, you don’t have to worry as much about attaining the ideal wet-paint-like micro-foam texture here. This Mocha is closer to a cappuccino and has fluffier foam.

To steam Milk using an espresso maker, follow these steps:

  1. Hold the steaming wand below the Milk’s surface until the froth doubles.
  2. Slightly lower the steaming wand until the milk temperature reaches 150 degrees Fahrenheit.

How to make a mocha with espresso machine at home

You can create Mocha in various ways, and the results will vary according to the tools you employ. That’s completely Ok. Compared to the precise latte, flat white, cappuccino, or macchiato, a mocha is a little more free-form beverage. Lessen your concern with the foaming and steaming. Chocolate is the best component.

Chocolate Chips

Add espresso to a cup of chocolate chips. The coffee’s heat causes the chocolate to melt.

Espresso Machine

Steaming the Milk and syrup (using an espresso machine). You can use a little maple or simple syrup to achieve the perfect sweetness.

Non-Espresso Machine

Alternately, scald the Milk and syrup over high heat before frothing it (non-machine method). You should heat the Milk in a pan to 150 degrees. The ideal temperature for Milk is Fahrenheit, when it is warm to the touch but not simmering. Then, froth the Milk using your preferred technique until it is incredibly foamy.

Serve the Delicacy

After adding the frothed Milk, serve the chocolaty espresso. That’s all, then! How to prepare the best Mocha you’ve ever had, one that is rich, chocolaty, and delicious. Trust me, you’ll enjoy it.

Simple Mocha Recipe : 


  • 2 shots of espresso (2 ounces)
  • 1-2 tablespoons of chocolate chips in total
  • 1/2 cup of whole fresh Milk, 4 ounces
  • 1/2 cup maple syrup (or you can use simple syrup)
  • Cocoa powder or chocolate shavings/chocolate curls for the garnish


Espresso preparation: Prepare two shots of espresso. 

Take a shot of espresso( Espresso Machine)

Incorporate the group head with the portafilter. Twist it until it’s securely fastened. Make sure your cups are underneath before you begin the shoot. Press the “2 Cup” button. After 8–10 seconds, espresso should dispense from the spouts with a flow resembling warm honey.

 Add the espresso on top of the chocolate chunks in the mug.

Steamed Milk

Using an espresso machine, steam:

In a pitcher, mix the Milk and syrup. Hold the steaming wand below the Milk’s surface until the foam has doubled. Use a thermometer or decide when your hand can no longer hold the pitcher for more than a few seconds to determine the temperature. For complete directions, visit the above section, How to Steam Milk.

Foaming (without an espresso maker): 

Heat the Milk and syrup until they are “scalding,” or hot to the touch but not simmering, at 150 degrees Fahrenheit. Use a food thermometer to measure, or use your finger to test the temperature approximately. It will help if you froth the Milk until it is very foamy using a milk frother, French press, or whisk (or shake it in a covered jar). 

It would be best if you had a lot of foam in your Mocha. If this is your first time frothing, we advise reading How to Froth Milk. It’s essential to remember that the French press method requires at least 1 cup of Milk, which is enough for 2 drinks.


Several times-swirl the milk container. Pour Milk and foam into the espresso’s chocolate center. Add chocolate shavings as a topping if desired.

Brief Guide

  • In a mug, cup, or glass, brew an espresso.
  • Mix with two tablespoons of melted chocolate chips or hot chocolate with the espresso.
  • Making sure we have good-quality foam, foam, and texture of the necessary amount of Milk.
  • The cup of chocolate espresso should now have Milk added to it, and whipped cream placed on top.
  • Before serving, add extra cocoa powder or chocolate shavings to the garnish.


1-How much cocoa should I put in my espresso?

A wise tip for bakers: To intensify the chocolate flavor of any chocolate mixes. Add a teaspoon of espresso powder. Espresso powder is optional in recipes that ask for chocolate, such as brownies, cakes, or cookies.

2-Can an espresso machine make chocolate?

That is correct! Did you know that an espresso machine often produces hot chocolate? Using your espresso maker, you can create a fantastic smooth hot chocolate. And it will enhance the delicacy of the mocha latte.

3-How much espresso should two shots pour?

Each shot should include 1 oz of water, so once your double shot has reached 2 oz, stop it and check your timer. If your brewing process takes longer or shorter than it should, check your grind, dose, and tamp, then make the necessary adjustments. The ideal brewing duration is between 20 and 30 seconds.

4-How do mochas and lattes differ?

The fundamental distinction between a mocha and a latte is that mocha includes a shot of hot chocolate and espresso. Both beverages are espresso-based and have steamed and milk foam. The Mocha’s chocolate flavor makes it more opulent, chic, and sweeter.

Final Verdict

Using this method, you may create a mocha the proper way! With steamed Milk, it’s prepared similarly to a latte or a cappuccino. Some recipes call for hot chocolate mix and coffee, which is an effective shortcut. This one is easier to create and tastier. We chose real chocolate chips and maple syrup instead of chocolate syrup. Enjoy the chocolaty and creamy delight.

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