What is Blonde Espresso (Caffeine & Taste Level of It)

what is blonde espresso

Nowadays, there are a lot of inventions in coffee, especially espresso. These variations are types of drinks, roasts, flavors, and beans. Many times you may have heard or read about blonde espresso. Do you know what blonde espresso is and how it tastes? 

If your answer is negative, then no need to worry as we will share everything about it, and you will get to know what is blonde espresso at the end of this article. Are you ready to learn more about it in detail? Now, without wasting time, let’s dive deep into this topic and explore it together. 

What is Espresso?

Before getting into what is blonde espresso, you need to know what is espresso.

So, espresso is the king of all kinds of coffee beverages available in the market. The espresso taste is always the talk of the town and is surely unmatchable. It is made by adding hot water and applying immense pressure through finely grounded coffee beans. 

Usually, it is served in small cups known as a shot, which contain around 2 oz of espresso. It has a creamy and amazing taste, as while making it, it creates a creamy, foamy layer on top of it. 

Most people used it as a base serving for many popular coffee drinks like Americanos, lattes, and cappuccinos. Espresso is a game changer if you are a die-hard fan of coffee. 

What is Blonde Espresso?

As its name(blonde) suggests that it is of a lighter color, it is a special espresso coffee made with lightly roasted coffee beans. Lighter coffee beans produce a lighter and milder flavor than traditional espresso shots. 

Most of the time, it is used as a base for many drinks like cappuccinos and lattes. Firstly we will discuss what espresso is, and then we will talk about the difference between regular and blonde espresso. Later, we will share the roasting level, color, and all other related things. 

What is the roast level in blonde espresso coffee?

Blonde espresso is usually made with light-roasted coffee beans. Light-roast coffee beans are roasted shorter than medium or dark-roast coffee beans as they are lightly roasted, so the color is on the lighter side, and the taste is not as strong as a regular espresso. 

What many Europeans like in blonde coffee is that its lighter color or light roasted features provide them with a natural flavor and characteristics of coffee—resulting in the amazing taste of blonde espresso shot. Additionally, the roast level in different blonde espressos may vary, but it is usually lightly roasted.

What is the color of blonde espresso coffee?

It is named blonde espresso coffee because of its light and golden brown color. This light color is just because of the finely grounded coffee beans used to make blonde coffee. 

A lighter roast indicates that it has less amount of caffeine in it and is roasted less than that regular espresso. It is quite different from traditional coffee, which has a darker color with a foamy crema layer on the top. 

What is the Caffeine level in blonde espresso coffee?

You can’t make a blind guess about the caffeine level in blonde espresso as it depends on multiple factors, which include the type of coffee beans, roasting level, brewing method, and the size of each serving. 

However, the most common blonde espresso has less caffeine than regular espresso. But in general, all espresso drinks have higher amounts of caffeine than regular coffee shots. As you know, it is one of the concentrated forms of coffee, so it is served in small portions instead of regular big cups. 

A standard cup usually has 2 oz shots of blonde espresso, which contain 50-90 mg of caffeine. At the same time, a typical 8 oz cup contains about 100 mg caffeine. 

What is the taste of blonde espresso Coffee?

The blonde espresso coffee taste is relatively lighter, with a milder flavor than traditional or regular espresso. The coffee beans here are lightly roasted, which shrinks acidity and contributes to a milder taste. Blonde espresso is often described as having a brighter, more delicate flavor than regular espresso. 

It can be a good option for those who prefer a milder coffee experience. Another thing that plays an important role in the taste of blonde is the brewing method; every method will give you a unique taste and flavor. 

How to use blonde coffee beans at home?

We will share a step-by-step approach to using your favorite blonde coffee beans at home and creating amazing shots. Just follow the steps and see the magic. 

  • First, buy yourself blonde coffee beans from a local market or online.  
  • Start grinding those beans to make them finely grounded before brewing them. You can use any grinder for this purpose, but a blade grinder is the best. 
  • After you are done with grinding, now start the brewing process. For this purpose, you can use any espresso machine, a drip coffee maker, or a french press. The most important thing to do here is to adjust time and temperature wisely, according to the brewing method you want to use.
  • Once you are done with brewing, you can serve it black or with milk, sugar, or any ingredients of your choice.

How to make high-quality blonde espresso Coffee?

Follow the steps below to make high-quality blonde espresso shots.

  • Only use high-quality blonde coffee beans, which provide a better-tasting espresso. To make it easier, choose beans sourced from a reputable coffee roaster labeled the blonde roast. 
  • Grind your beans just before brewing, as freshly grounded coffee beans provide a better taste. 
  • The brewing temperature and time play an important role in the flavor of blonde espresso. It directly affects the taste, so it is a good practice to experiment with multiple brewing times and temperatures to find the best combination for your desired flavor. 
  • Use an adequate amount of coffee for the best taste. Generally, we use about 5-9 grams of coffee for every 1-2 oz of water.
  • Filtered water will add more flavor to your shot, so if you use them, you will have an amazing taste, as water with impurities may affect the flavor of your coffee. 
  • Lastly, serve it soon after brewing as its flavor changes over time. 

So, What is Blonde Espresso?

Since we are talking about blond espresso. That’s why before wrapping up we just want to mention here that don’t confuse between a regular espresso and a blond espresso. 

A regular shot of espresso is made with darker and finely grounded coffee beans to provide a stronger and bolder flavor to the coffee enthusiast. Moreover, it has a darker color which shows that it is made from dark coffee beans. On the contrary, blonde espresso is made from lightly roasted coffee beans, so it has a lighter color and taste, which is loved by many Americans nowadays. The advantage of a lighter roast is that it adds a smoother and less bitter taste than the regular one. 

To summarize, blonde espresso is a base for coffee drinks like lattes or cappuccinos, where milk or other flavors are added for extra taste.

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