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How to Use an Espresso Machine | An Ultimate Guide With 8 Simple Steps

You are a coffee enthusiast, especially in espresso; and you can’t even imagine being deprived of the authentic taste of an espresso shot, Right? That’s why you had invested in an espresso machine and are now looking for the answer to how to use an espresso machine.

Well, no more worries; here we have an ultimate guide for you so you won’t have to go anywhere. And for that, all you need is to stick to the end.

How to Use an Espresso Machine?

There is no rocket science in using an espresso maker, as pulling a great espresso shot requires the right to use equipment to enjoy its natural taste.

Don’t worry; we will guide you through this process so that you will be able to enjoy a great espresso shot.

Remember: we created this conceptual guide for you because several gadgets are available in the market to make an espresso machine. To describe each of them wouldn’t be possible there because all the tools work the same way that’s why we had created in this way. And for a better understanding, you can read the instructions on your espresso machine’s menu card.

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So, here are the simple steps.

1- Wash off your gadget:

It is a good habit to wash off any appliance before using it to avoid any harmful effects and to make it clean. Also, it will help you to keep your gadget in the best position.

And if you are using your espresso machine for the first time, wash it off with water. If you are searching for how to use an espresso machine, you have just bought it; that’s why it should be your first concern.  

2- Preheat your espresso maker:

After washing the espresso maker, it’s always good to give it to preheat. All espresso gadgets require water tanks that need to be filled with water and heated. As always, it’s recommended to heat your water before making coffee, so your device will also preheat at this time.

Tip: give heat to water up to the maximum of 150 to 195 degrees Fahrenheit the reason to do this is that it would help you to extract the complete taste of grinds. Boiling water is never recommended, and with that, make sure you are using filtered water in it. Although normal water would be ok to use, it could affect the taste and the gadget’s cleanliness too.

3- Grind beans:

Now, you need to grind the beans, and most espresso appliances will have this function; if your espresso maker also has this feature, you are lucky enough. But, if your gadget doesn’t have this, you must buy it separately.

Disclaimer: How many beans you will put in your espresso portafilter depends on the size, which could vary depending on the manufacturer.

Take an appropriate amount of beans and grind until it gets smooth enough.

4- Fill the portafilter:

Next, fill the portafilter with beans and then wipe clean it with a hand to make sure there would be no residue left over and all the crumbs are removed.

5- Tamp the portafilter:

Tamping is the most important for an even water flow in espresso grounds. There’s a chance the grinds won’t let water evenly extract its taste, so it’ll remove some tasks and not others.

So, it would be best if you used more force while tamping, and for an even extraction of grinds, you need to press firmly, commonly known as the puck.

Disclaimer: Tempting it too hard will make the brewing pressure high or vice versa, resulting in the water spitting out of the portafilter.

6- Lock the portafilter:

Now, position it under the group head and twist it to lock. Make sure it’s sealed, as there will be high-pressure extraction.

Whereas the place of the ground head and portafilter vary depending on the machine model and features, and to check the position of it, you need to check the instructions given on the menu card.

7- Pull a shot:

It’s time to pull a shot, the most uncomplicated part of making an espresso coffee.

Most espresso makers will automatically do that; you only need to select the number of shots and set back.

Tip: generally 20 to 30 seconds shot would be enough to extract the flavor of beans and also works best to avoid bitterness in coffee.

8- Steam the milk:

Every espresso machine has a steam wand, and if your espresso doesn’t have this feature, you need to buy it separately because it’s compulsory to have it.

To steam the milk, you need to fill the pitcher with milk and then put it under the steam wand; here, you must ensure it is just below the surface.

Good to know: While steaming the milk, you might feel lost just because you didn’t get the desired results. Well, you will not get it at once; it will take some time, and trying, again and again, will make this process easy for you.

Conclusion of how to use espresso machine:

To wrap up the whole guide, we must say; espresso machines are usually user-friendly, making them pretty easy to use.

There would be fewer chances that you wouldn’t get the instruction provided in the appliance. With that, if you have a learning mindset and are always keen to improve it, trust us, you will have a great coffee in no time.

We are ending it with a note that after making an espresso shot, don’t forget to give it a quick clean because a clean espresso maker would lead to a better taste. 

Share your thoughts in the comment section about which espresso maker you are using; we would love to hear from your side.

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